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25/08/2017 ‐ 26/08/2017
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Alan Grant, Robin Smith & Scott Davidson: Scott vs Demons

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10:00am ‐ 5:00pm
Artlink Edinburgh
13a Spittal Street, Edinburgh, EH39DY


The decimation of the UK welfare system and subsequent victimisation of very vulnerable people through humiliating and dehumanising benefits assessments, demands greater public awareness. In response, Artlink asked a writer and an artist to reimagine a young man's experience of his Personal Independence Payment assessment and the unfolding consequences.

Artlink will launch Scott vs Demons, a comic which explores the current UK welfare system from an interesting perspective - encouraging discussion about the responsibility of cultural organisations to engage with social care, welfare reform and politics in civic society written by the well-known writer Alan Grant, drawn by the renowned artist Robin Smith and informed by the brilliant Scott Davidson. Together they have arrived at an alternative reality, one in which the victim begins to fight back.

This two day event will include a comic signing, installation and launch of Scott vs Demons.


13a Spittal Street, Edinburgh, EH39DY