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Life drawing ¦ D does Ezra Miller

7:00pm‐ 9:00pm
Summerhall Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL
Reconfigure Event by Reconfigure


This is our last session of 2018! We resume on Tuesday Jan 8th with our tutored series and Weds 9th for our regular themed nights.

.....So if you haven't seen them already:
how FABULOUS is this. I believe this is what they called 'pwning it' (although I would love if someone told me how to pronounce that). I had no idea who Ezra Miller was til those photos and I still don't really care. I've been wanting to run a session like this for quite some time and the sudden furore around a male-presenting hottie totally killing it in heels is all the excuse I needed. I am all over OWNING ONE'S SEXUALITY -whatever it may be - and presenting it confidently - even, shock horror, in a life drawing context. Wherever you feel you 'sit' under whatever umbrella or slide along whatever spectrum. I want the life room to be a space where we as models can be playful with our identities -sexuality included- identities we may not have the confidence to fully present to the outside world just yet. It's a space to choose how you want the rows of appreciative eyes to see you, and express it triumphantly- vulnerabilities and all. Choosing a model was a no brainer - D already, quite unprompted, brings heels to drawing sessions as a 'surprise'. There's no model quite as fabulous with his year round sparkly flip flops and his immaculately manicured nails. So for this session expect a few costume changes, playing with all manner of outfits, and finally bringing sexuality into the life room in yes, a rather overt, but appreciative, fun and confident way.

Here's what happens: whether you're a seasoned pro or don't know a pencil from a pen, we welcome all ages and all abilities - ESPECIALLY those of you who think you have NO abilities whatsoever.
You can strut in and confidently do your thing, or declare yourself clueless and ask for help; you can show off your work, or swiftly close your sketchbook if you're shy. We welcome ALL of you.

Swing by the The Royal Dick Bar for a bevvy - hot or cold, alcoholic or non- and bring it in with you if you like. Drawing starts at 7pm and ends at 9pm. We've been rather busy lately so do please buy a ticket in advance or try to be timely- doors are at 6.30pm but some peeps arrive before we even get to SH to set up at 6.10pm! :-O We're in the gorgeous wooden-pewed Anatomy Lecture Theatre - it's a cosy space with great acoustics for our carefully curated playlists of eclectic tunes. There is a different theme and model every week- use the theme to guide your inspiration or simply use the time as technical practice of drawing the nude. It's £6^^ on the door, or if you'd prefer to skip the queueue with a booked seat, you can buy a ticket online^^^ to tick off at the front.

We supply various drawing paraphernalia to borrow (including boards and fixative), and you can buy A3 paper, pencils and sharpeners from us, as well as lovely sketchbooks of different sizes. Do bring your favourite tools if you have them - but it's equally fine to turn up with nothing at all.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Topaz and the Reconfiggy team x

^^If you're keen you can bulk buy 5 sessions for £25 with no expiry - for the rest of you there's loyalty cards. If you have one of these, or would like to buy one, you can still book online to reserve a seat by selecting the 5/£25 ticket and we'll check your card off/sell you one at the door. Please let me know if you can't attend so we can release your ticket to anyone who may have missed out. Thank you
^^^40 tickets are available online and 20 are sold on the door. The cut off time for a guaranteed seat if you've an online ticket is 6.55pm - after which your ticket is non refundable and your space will be released to anyone waiting. This is to make sure we can start on time otherwise my poor doorman Bren is rather overwhelmed by the queue. If you know you'll arrive after that time and have an online ticket you can message me in advance (before 6.30pm when my signal and internet disappears inside the room!) via the Reconfigure FB page, email me at, or text 07913673555 and we'll save your space.


Summerhall Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1PL

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