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Madrid, Madrid, Madrid | Cinemaattic + Scalarama

Cinemaattic start a new season with a Night on Madrid, with typical gastronomy and films to rethink how we see the capital of Spain. Rebel and anarchic. Madrid was the protagonist of Spain’s young democracy -embodied in Almodovar’s films-

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Madrid - Cinemaattic / Scalarama
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Madrid, Madrid, Madrid | Cinemaattic + Scalarama

9:30pm ‐ 10:00pm
28 Lauriston St, Edinburgh, EH3 9DJ


Part of Scalarama 2019, Cinemaattic start a promising season ahead with the best independent cinema from Spain and Latin America, bringing a programme of short-films focused on a very particular town, Madrid. Protagonist, voyeur city, Madrid has seen the changes in contemporary Spain from a privileged point of view.

This programme of films aims to help viewers to get a better feel for life there. After the success of last year's "Madrileno gastronomic experience" We will show you Madrid properly again, with a "bocata de calamares" in hand.

Madrid resisted Franco’s bombing during the civil war, rebel, fresh, anarchic. Madrid was the protagonist of the anti-austerity movement in Spain and the 15M -or indignados- movement.

Sadly, Madrid is now in the spotlight for very different reasons. Madrid face for first time in democracy a government supported by a far-right party (Vox) and threatens to destroy the great legacy of Manuela Carmena administration on LGTBI rights, low emission zone policies, and a wide range of social measures – praised and celebrated recently by The New York Times-.

It seems like a good time to rethink what we know and how we see Madrid through films.

In the words of Basilio Martin Patino -in our humble opinion-, the most neglected and yet one of the most important of all Spanish filmmakers:
“Madrid has always been a sort of attraction for pleased strangers, coming from all corners of ‘the peninsula’ or the planet, to take root in a magma that allows them to free themselves from reductive nationalisms, from ties, or from I do not know what neurosis with that “idea of identity”. Living in Madrid, as the celebrated mayor Tierno Galván said, is now simply BEING from Madrid. And this is the well-known essence of its conglomerate, plural par excellence, tolerant, well-matched with all, serene, ironic, peaceful; multiform synthesis of traces and successive cultures that have been leaving their trace for centuries”

A true Madrid experience wouldn’t be the same without proper food from Madrid. And from them all, the signature dish: the Bocata de Calamares ( Calamari roll)

Rafa has pledged he will spend the whole day chopping, marinating and frying calamari for you all. He also promised to use a very kitsch bad taste apron. You just have to shout “Uno de Calamares Rafa!!” as you walk into the venue. He promised to greet you with the apron on, and even give you some aioli if you shout loud enough…

This is going to be a special night. Cinemaattic is back! Make sure you secure your tickets in advance.

Friday 27 September | Doors Open (and bocatas de calamares) from 7.30pm | Films start 8pm

Lauriston Hall | 28 Lauriston St, Edinburgh EH3 9DJ


LAURISTON HALL, 28 Lauriston St, Edinburgh, EH3 9DJ

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