unDependence Film Festival - Stirling - Saturday

More than a film festival: unDependence is about discovering great independent film, learning more about how films are made, and getting hands on with the process.

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unDependence Film Festival - Stirling - Saturday

7:00pm ‐ 9:30pm
Tollbooth Attic
Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE
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unDependence Saturday Night:

- Something About Silence
- For My Friends in Detention
- Insectarium
- The Parcel
- Fire Water Earth Air and Time
- The Wedding Patrol

- CHOOSE LIFE Programme
- Jordan
- Brother Deer
- About Arif
- Moby
- Man on Layby 52
- Keeping Balance
- I Came From the Unknown to Sing

About unDependence Film Festival:
unDependence is a thematic festival that aims to open up independent and arthouse film to a wider audience. Taking place in both Edinburgh and Stirling in April 2017 the festival is now entering its third year and is motivated by the conversations and creative energy surrounding the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and by extension the 2016 EU Referendum. unDependence is not about just about exploring obscure avant garde film or making anarchical political statements. Instead, it’s a platform for creativity, both in the films themselves and in our interactive program of workshops, talks, and screenings. The festival showcases a mixture of creative, independent films from all over the world which might lack blockbuster budgets but which exemplify great craftsmanship, storytelling, and cinematography. In short, it’s a film festival for people who think they don’t like film festivals (as well as those who already know that they do).

All of unDependence’s films are linked by the theme of dependence, specifically the individual’s relationship to and dependence on the social and/or cultural context they find themselves in. From the personal to the political, we invite our filmmakers to explore questions surrounding dependence through shorts, feature films, documentaries, animation and experimental work. The festival is about more than just the screenings and aims to generate a creative community by hosting a series of filmmaking workshops, talks and Q&As to promote audience engagement.


Jail Wynd, Stirling, FK8 1DE

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