unDependence Film Festival - Stirling

unDependence brings together those who love nothing more than leaning back with an oversized popcorn for a CGI smash-fest with those who want to explore the dark depths of the human soul through experimental film and everyone in between.

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26/04/2018 7:00pm
Thursday Night Advanced Ticket
£5.50 each
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27/04/2018 7:00pm
Friday Night Advanced
£5.50 each
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28/04/2018 7:00pm
Saturday Night Advance
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29/04/2018 7:00pm
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unDependence Film Festival - Stirling

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7:00pm‐ 9:30pm
unDependence Film Festival
2018, Edinburgh,
Pop up! Scotland Event by Pop up! Scotland


unDependence is the film festival that show you the next cinematic smash hit doesn't require big-budgets and massive studios. We bring together those who love nothing more than leaning back with an oversized popcorn for a CGI smash-fest with those who want to explore the dark depths of the human soul through experimental film and everyone in between. There'll be a little bit to challenge you, a lot to entertain you, and films so slick you'll swear they took millions to produce.

Nightly Tickets: £5 in advance, £7 on the door
Dates: 26 - 29 April, 19:00 - 22:30
Thursday - Mediterranea Restaurant
Friday - Curly Coo Bar
Saturday - Allan Park South Church
Sunday - Closing Party, Awards Ceremony & Networking - Allan Park South Church

Thursday Night:
What About Our Movie Night? - unDependence kicks off with stories of relationships on multiple levels. They may be long or just blossoming, imaginative or impossible but they have the potential to get us “involved”. No matter how many ups and downs we go through, don’t we all sometimes ask ourselves what happened to that movie night date?
Au Revoir Balthazar - Switzerland - Rafael Sommerholder
The Good Dark - UK - Lucas Chih-Peng Kao
Cautionary Tales - UK - Chris Barrett & Luke Taylor
Nicole's Cage - Germany - Josef Brandi
Zapp Galura Behemoth - Austria - Mike Kren
Morning Glory - UK - Robert Bertrand

Where the Untamed Things Are - Beasts of all kinds have gathered to tell their stories for the second part of our Thursday premier night. Some starving for the next meal, others limping through your neighbourhood or stalking nosy tourists. Watch out for the mythical creatures in and outside their natural habitat as they will try and enchant you, too.
The Last Drop - Germany - Sascha Zimmermann
A Father's Day - UK - Chris Lane
Eaglehawk - Australia - Shannon Murphy
The Genesis - Republic of Korea - Chaerin Im
Lasting Beast - Switzerland - Nagi Gianni & Raphaëlle Mueller
State of Emergency - Belgium - Sébastien Petretti
Shelter - Austria - Daniel Andrew Wunderer

Friday Night:
Hearts and Crafts - A man and a woman on collision course; exceptional craftmanship from the Scottish Highlands to Iran; a young woman on edge and an arctic party are taking our hearts with them and open our perception for things that cannot be seen.
Brainstorm - Belgium -Christophe Clin
Weavers of Imagination - Iran - Sadegh Jafari
Clever Girl - UK - Alexios Koukias-Pantelis
A Gap in the World - UK - Christ Snow
Cold Storage - Finland - Thomas Freundlich

Eight Thirty [FEATURE] - 8:30 follows the observations of a young man who finds himself stranded in a desert- like suburb in some kind of infinite loop. Laura Nasmyth and Philip Leitner created a postmodern Western secenario in a European (sub)urbia that is visually gripping and estranged.
Vacuum - UK - Gabriel Lim
8:30 - Austria - Laura Nasmyth, Philip Leitner

Saturday Night:
unDependent Heroines - Once again the unDependence team is proudly presenting a programme of about women. Women who are fighting for their place in life, who won’t take No for an answer and who are not afraid to fight for themselves determinedly. One could argue that their true strength lies in their resoluteness and the ability to bare to be vulnerable.
Fledgling - UK - Juliette Rogasik
Funky Lola - Spain - Julio Mas Alcaraz
Playback - UK - Ruaraidh Urpeth
Lollies - Spain - Vanessa del Campo
Swan - UK - Lindsay Brown
Free Period - UK - Alison Piper
The Chicken and Her - Belgium - Kika Nicolela

Chasing Houses [FEATURE] - The experimental road movie enters the contradictory space between home and mobility. Through the vastness of the US American West, CHASING HOUSES follows mobile homes on their journey from tear down to set up. A multitude of lifestyles and economic disparities unfolds in the fragmented encounters along the road: A real estate agent recounts her days as a Las Vegas showgirl, a haulier and Tea Party supporter explains capitalism, a desert recluse prefers his trailer to life in the city, and snowbird tourists take an extended vacation. Against the movie-like backdrop of Monument Valley, a Native American couple describes real-life conditions on the reservation. CHASING HOUSES makes palpable the charged relationships between hopes and dead-end prospects, and opens up questions of home, belonging, and the actuality of the American Dream.
149th and Grand Concourse - US - Andy & Carolyn London
Chasing Houses - Germany - Justin Time

More about unDependence:
Taking place in both Edinburgh and Stirling in April 2018 the festival is now entering its forth year and is motivated by the conversations and creative energy surrounding the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and by extension the 2016 EU Referendum. unDependence is not about just about exploring obscure avant garde film or making anarchical political statements. Instead, it’s a platform for creativity, both in the films themselves and in our interactive program of workshops, talks, and screenings. The festival showcases a mixture of creative, independent films from all over the world which might lack blockbuster budgets but which exemplify great craftsmanship, storytelling, and cinematography. In short, it’s a film festival for people who think they don’t like film festivals (as well as those who already know that they do).

All of unDependence’s films are linked by the theme of dependence, specifically the individual’s relationship to and dependence on the social and/or cultural context they find themselves in. From the personal to the political, we invite our filmmakers to explore questions surrounding dependence through shorts, feature films, documentaries, animation and experimental work. The festival is about more than just the screenings and aims to generate a creative community by hosting a series of filmmaking workshops, talks and Q&As to promote audience engagement.


2018, Edinburgh,

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unDependence Film Festival - Stirling
26th Apr 2018
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unDependence Film Festiva...
unDependence Film Festival, Edinburgh
Thursday 26th April 2018