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Mon 9 Mar 6:30pm ‐ 9:00pm
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Machine Learning Debate: Accuracy vs. Interpretability

6:30pm ‐ 9:00pm
Merkle Edinburgh Office
7 Exchange Crescent, Conference Square, Edinburgh, EH3 8AN
DataFest Event by DataFest


Following the success of last year’s #DebateDataTogether, we are bringing it back for Datafest 2020! Join us at the Merkle Edinburgh Office to get involved in a debate which will consider some of the most pressing issues in machine learning going forward. In light of this year’s theme #BeyondData, we will be bringing together an elite panel with support from some of the biggest players in the industry to debate the ways in we drive our data-led future.

In 2020 machines are having a greater impact on our lives than ever before, and to most consumers the extent of this impact is unknown. From medicine to policing, machines are making decisions every day that influence how we live. Is it enough for us to trust these machines, believing that the algorithms behind them are correct, or should we be pushing for greater understanding and reserving trust if we cannot comprehend the rational behind these decisions?

The event will take the proper format of a debate - with opening arguments, rebuttals, questions and closing statements. The event will start at 6:00 with a drinks reception and end at 8:30pm. This event will be a great opportunity to bring together some big thinkers in the industry and discuss how data is affecting the direction of our future! We encourage anyone with an interest in the topic to come along.

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