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Online life drawing // aerial

What is Reconfigure, when it's at home? Join me, our friendly crowd, and an unquestionably fabulous model for two hours of you-time in our no pressure artspace.

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Wed 11 Nov 7:00pm ‐ 9:00pm
Normal money-earners
£5.50 each
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£8.80 each
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Reconfigure (Weds) AND Drawing Life (Thursday)
£8.80 each
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£11.00 each
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Online life drawing // aerial

7:00pm ‐ 9:00pm
Online life drawing
Reconfigure Event by Reconfigure


I am delighted to welcome back Sarah and Bado from Paper Doll Militia aerial circus company. Live from their flat in Glasgow, Sarah's aerial skills (silks, trapeze or lyra - as yet TBC) will leave your jaw on the floor, while Bado's musicianship - so in tune with Sarah's monstrously strong and effortlessly graceful flight, will hypnotise you while you draw. Sound good? See you there.

The link to access the Zoom meeting will activate at 15 mins before the session. You will find this in the one and only ticket that Citizen Ticket automatically sends you when you buy your ticket. Join us earlier rather than later so we can go through any technical hitches with you. During the session, please keep your mics off. You're welcome to listen to my playlist of top notch tunes, or listen to whatever you like (Radio 4/Missy Elliot/screaming/nothing). Please refrain from taking screen shots, just as you would in an IRL life drawing class. Evidence of this will get you banned and blocked from mine and my colleagues' classes.

£8 for those still on salaries, £9+ for the super generous, and £5 for everyone else. For those of you who can afford more, do tip the models via www.buymeacoffee.com/reconfigure. If money is an obstacle to you participating please message me and we will make sure you can join us. The model receives at least 50% of profit and 100% of the tips.

I host sessions
Wednesdays 7-9pm BST
Sundays 1-3pm BST
They are both priced the same (£5/8).
If you buy a ticket to Sunday you have the option of purchasing the following Weds at the same time for a 20% discount.

I hope everyone is keeping well amidst all this, and finding the positive side to a new way of being; slower, more introspective, and more conscientious. Looking forward to sharing this journey alongside you. xx Topaz

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