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We can help promote your event.

Ticketing, sorted.

We offer plenty that event organisers love, from marketing support to easy ticket pricing, unique management features to simple refunds, all with no hidden fees.

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Ticket scanning app

A ticket scanner that works with the phone you have in your pocket.

Manage attendees with a built-in guest list and add multiple users to scan more tickets faster.

Available for iPhone and Android

I have worked with Citizen Ticket on various exciting and innovative projects. They have always been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Edinburgh International Fashion Festival

Delivery by BitTicket

BitTicket is a Blockchain for tickets. This means all events are protected against industrial scale ticket touts and ticket purchasing bots.

Customers have one wallet that holds all their tickets, which can be sent to friends and family with ease and assurance.
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Box office

Using just a device set up a box-office anywhere to issue tickets and record payments.

Citizen Ticket were always helpful and on hand to support us. They considered our needs and worked in way that suited us.

Hoxton Hall

Easy pricing that makes a difference

We don't believe in complicated algorithms and confusing pricing structures.

Our booking fee is a simple 10% of your ticket price. That's then capped at £15, and includes all charges & VAT.

We then donate 50% of our booking fee to a charity of your choice - meaning every ticket you sell makes a difference!

Fee Calculator
Ticket price £
Ct booking fee £0.00
includes VAT
Total ticket price £0.00
Ticket sales
Your take-home revenue £0
paid out after 2 days*
Fig1—the calculator you don't need

We ❤️ charity

Citizen Ticket takes pride in being an ethical ticketing outlet that supports charitable organisations.

We make annual donations, as well as creating and partnering with inspiring events.

Customer centric

We are obsessed with providing our customers and clients with the best possible ticketing service.

Having organised hundreds of events ourselves we know what support is required to ensure your event is a success.

We're all in, boots on the ground and only a phone call away when ever you need us.

I’d recommend Citizen Ticket to anyone running a large scale event like this because you know that there is going to be someone there to support you.

Objectively Funny Festival
Booking fees Low Cheap
& confusing
High Outrageous
Fast Payout > 2 Days 5 Days > 3 Days 7 - 10 Days
Personal Marketing Support Yes No Nope No Way
Supporting Charity Yep Nah Sort of Lol
Blockchain You Bet False Negative Unexpected Item In Bagging Area
Magic Link 😀 ☹️ 🚫 👎
Human Come over for a chat Get in line 55p per minute Beep Boop
This comparison was conducted by Citizen Ticket from a breif analysis of websites and is not in depth. No comparisons are guaranteed as factually correct.

Data insights

We crunch the numbers and provide detailed ticket sales reports, including sale sources and conversion ratios.

As an organiser, you can also access fully GDPR compliant customer data to discover more about your ticket buyers.


We formed Citizen Ticket in 2013 to combat problems we saw within the ticketing industry. Today, we proudly deliver an ethical service that reflects the events we work with.

We are a team of experts, with heaps of experience and a love for the platform. We want to share all of that with you, to create incredible, inspiring events.

The back end customer service the team has provided us with has been nothing short of exceptional and the user experience simple and easy to follow.

Fringe by the Sea


We provide marketing experts and free marketing support for all events on Citizen Ticket.

Using our databases, outreach and targeted promotion, we get your events in front of the right people.

Citizen Ticket provided us with a dedicated marketing expert to help us on our way, having regular catch ups and ran a campaign specific to our event.

Magical Festival

One wallet

We hold all your tickets in one digital wallet and securely link it to your identity.

Simply show your wallet on the app to gain entry to all your events.

No more individual tickets, no more ID checks.

Once purchased, tickets are allocated to a virtual wallet. This is linked to the buyer's identity, and cannot be transferred or resold without permission from the event organiser.


Our happy clients

Refunds, simplified

Accidents happen, people get ill, Aunt Susan bought the wrong ticket…

Our refund system leverages our in-house tout busting skills to help you give refunds to the people who matter and decline the people who don’t, in a simple and elegant way where you’re in control.

Secure funds, fast payout

We keep your event revenue safe in a clients' account with ring-fence protection. We aren't legally allowed to touch it.

When your event has finished, we’ll pay you out in just two days, direct by bank transfer.


Plus much more!

Fast tickets

The longer it takes for your customer to buy their ticket the more likely you are to lose the sale. We ensure that your customers are 3 simple clicks and 15 seconds away from their tickets, increasing your sales conversions.

3 Clicks


Send tickets directly to your friends’ and family’s wallets with ease and assurance. No more screenshotting barcodes, no more waiting for your friends in the cold.

As someone not too tech confident, I found Citizen Ticket helpful in getting our events online, and our customers found the service very easy to use.

Scottish Historic Trust

Secure ticketing

Your wallet and tickets are secured on the immutable and transparent BitTicket blockchain, guaranteeing authenticity of tickets. No more fraud, no more touts.

The innovative Blockchain technology and personalised service was very impressive. You get real attention and the vibe that they’re behind you all the way.

Edinburgh City 7’s Tournament