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Hybrid events

Your audience has the option to attend your events in-person, or from the comfort of their own home via live stream.

Entry system

View upcoming timeslots and attendee counts, and check in guests quickly using the built-in QR code scanner or by guest list lookup.

Embed ticketing

Embed our ticketing into your website so customers can purchase tickets there and then.

Organiser Toolbox

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Scan, Sell, Schedule - Built specifically for event organisers. Scan attendees into events, sell box office tickets on site and clearly see your event schedule.

Social Media Sharing

Spread the word! Display social media buttons on your event page to allow people to share your event with friends and followers

Short URL

Beat those character limits on social channels/SMS with a shortened URL for your event page (we're looking at you Twitter)

Campaign Short Links

Create campaign short links to track your event's marketing performance on third party ads and social media campaigns

Reward referrers

Reward ticket holders for getting their friends and family to purchase tickets with their unique link

Profile page

This is all about you! It displays all your active events, chosen profile picture, website address and contact details


Search Engine Optimisation helps boost your event visibility to potential customers across the web

Import lists

Got opt-in data from elsewhere? You can import audience data from external platforms and securely manage them all in one place.

Discount codes

Create advanced custom discount code campaigns for your customers, monitor and cap their use.

Hidden Tickets

You can keep some tickets aside for those special guests (or those mates who won't stop asking) and reserve them using our Box Office function.

Access codes

Create advanced access code campaigns to unlock ticket purchasing for specific audiences, friends and family

Ticket grouping

Group together different ticket types and turn them into an easy-to-read ticket widget for customers.

Schedule tickets

Choose when you want your tickets to be live and taken off sale.

Name your price

Set a minimum price and then let your customers choose what they want to pay for a ticket.

Free tickets

Issue free & complimentary tickets to your event with no booking fees for the ticket holder.

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We can provide bespoke packages including box office setup, onsite teams, marketing, and hardware. We're also happy to schedule a no-obligation demonstration of our platform.

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