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From payment processing and pay-outs, to customer service, refunds and ticket exchanges, our complete service ensures the smooth running of your events. We can tailor our offering around your requirements, and can provide on-site support alongside unrivalled account management.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your events, Citizen Ticket has you covered.

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Simple & Ethical

We believe ticketing can be turned into a force for good. We want our booking fee to remain as reasonable and as honestly presented as possible, because frankly we feel like it's the right thing to do.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is part of our service, and card processing fees are included in our booking fee. That means you don't need your own merchant account or payment processing solution. We'll process all transactions and pay out your income directly to your bank account.


We've taken away the stress and hassle around refunds. They can all be managed within your organiser dashboard and can be dealt with at the click of a button.


We aim to get your funds to you as fast as possible. If all goes to plan we can pay out as soon as the next day. If you have a large or complex event then let us know, and we will happily look at flexible pay-out options.

Client Accounting

All funds are held in a designated client account. This means they're not included in our balance sheet, and they're ringfenced until it's time to pay you out.

Our approach

We think that if our tech is well messaged and intuitive then this will reduce people needing to get in touch in the first place, however when queries do arise we act as quickly as possible and communicate in straightforward language.


Having built our platform from the ground up and backed by our extensive customer support experience, we've automated key things like ticket transfers, ticket exchanges, refund requests and account and payment issues.

A personal touch

We know people respond best to a service that has a personal touch over a generic reply. That's why our customer services team will go above and beyond to investigate and resolve your ticket holders queries on an individual basis.


Even though we have automated ticketing systems set up, you have the flexibility as an organiser to take over customer support operations and manage requests for your ticket holders however you want.

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We can provide bespoke packages including box office setup, onsite teams, marketing, and hardware.

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