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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a ticketing platform for one million event organisers worldwide, and make a positive global impact in the process.

Why We Do It

We value long term impact over short term profits. We believe ticketing can be turned into a force for good, by donating a percentage of our booking fees to charities chosen by the event organisers we work with.

Who We Are

We formed Citizen Ticket in 2013 to respond to the numerous problems we saw within the event ticketing industry. Ticket touts, ticket counterfeiting, inflated booking fees and secondary ticket websites were extorting event organisers and event goers to generate unethical profits.

We believed that there could be a better way, and today we are proud to deliver an ethical service that reflects the good nature and ethos of the events that we work with.

We love working with events of all shapes and sizes - especially creative, innovative and charitable events. Through hosting events of our own we understand the hurdles event organisers encounter, so we provide the direct support and tools necessary to make any event a huge success while ensuring event goers are protected for unethical ticketing practices.

In 2017 we launched our blockchain technology, BitTicket, and delivered the very first real-world event with tickets backed by the blockchain. With a fantastic reception from organisers, attendees and press organisations, we truly believe our technology will allow us to lead the way to an ethical and secure blockchain ticketing industry.

We invite you to join us on our journey to a brighter future.

The Citizen Ticket team hard at work

If you want a ticketing agent that's responsive, dedicated and that has the personal touch - choose Citizen Ticket.

Magical Festival

Citizen Ticket’s platform is easy and intuitive to use, the customer service is excellent, and the pricing structure is straightforward and cost effective.

GHA Rugby Club

The back end customer service the team has provided us with has been nothing short of exceptional and the user experience simple and easy to follow.

Fringe by the Sea