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An Introduction to Podcasting

A no-nonsense, simple to understand, jargon busting session all about podcasting, including what you need to get started. Leave with the session with a podcast listening list, ideas for your own podcast & tools to help you along the way

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People from VCSE sector (freelancers & employees)
£33.00 each
inc. £3.00 booking fee
All other folk
£55.00 each
inc. £5.00 booking fee
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£44.00 each
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An Introduction to Podcasting

10:00am ‐ 12:30pm
NEXUS Art Cafe
2 Dale St, Manchester, M1 1JW
MIC Event by MIC


  • Have you thought about starting a podcast but have no idea where to begin?
  • Do find the tons of information out there a bit overwhelming?

This session is no-nonsense, simple to understand, jargon busting two and a half hours covering the basic tools and knowledge to get you podcast ready. Including,

  • Just what is a podcast?
  • What sort of podcasts exist (including examples from VCSE organisations)
  • How do people listen to them?
  • Tools to help you generate podcast ideas for you or your organisation
  • Equipment 101, what exactly do you need to get started
  • How to get it out there

Leave with the session with a podcast listening list, ideas for your own podcast & tools to help you along the way


  • The ticket price includes a drink and a slice of cake
  • This session is limited to just 15 places.
  • Included is a pay it forward ticket option. This means you can buy a ticket for someone you know who can't afford to come or we distribute on your behalf for this session or future session.

If the event is sold out, please get in touch so we can add more dates.

The nice things people have said about MIC sessions
“I went along to one of MIC's podcast sessions not really sure what to expect, but Vic just made it seem so do-able! Vic has caused me one problem though, I now have no excuse not to get started! MIC's session cuts through the fears. Highly recommended.” Simone Callaghan, Director - The Goodness Collective CIC

"I really enjoyed the podcasting workshop! I went from thinking it was irrelevant, to having a list of 11 podcasts we could start off with! We are launching a blog for our charity and we’ll trial podcasts alongside that. The session really helped me come up with ideas as well as learning about the practicalities." Hannah McCowen, Fundraising and Communications Manager - Local Solutions

The session is produced by MIC Media a podcast social enterprise based in Manchester. MIC makes podcasts for people, trains and coaches folk to make their own and hosts events for the podcaster community.

Vic, MIC's founder will be hosting this session. Vic has almost 15 years of experience across the creative industries and VCSE sector.
More on MIC here


NEXUS Art Cafe, 2 Dale St, Manchester, M1 1JW

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