Scratch that Etch - Kitchen Sink Lithography

The perfect workshop if you've never tried lithography (or don't know what it is!). Come enjoy a complimentary drink and scratch that etch.

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Scratch that Etch - Kitchen Sink Lithography

6:30pm ‐ 8:30pm
Paradise Palms
41 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, EH11HB
Pop up! Scotland Event by Pop up! Scotland


Come learn how to create black and white or more brightly coloured prints with kit that's hiding in your pantry (and a few art supplies as well). We'll provide all the materials and teach you how the magic happens.

If you’ve never tried lithography before, it consists of creating a master image on a plate (usually metal or stone); in this case, we use aluminium foil as our base and coca-cola as the magic ingrediant to etch the image for printing. If you've ever wondered what the alchemical mysteries of the printmaking process actually involve, this is the workshop for you.

Your ticket includes:
- Complimentary drink
- Tool hire (including brushers, rollers, printing plates)
- all materials (including inks, resists, oils, and of course cocacola)
- instruction from local artist Fiona Maher


41 Lothian Street, Edinburgh, EH11HB

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