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The Winter Realm of the Paraffin Pixies

There’s something magical coming to Almond Valley this December. Discover a world of twinkling lights, woodland trails and festive delights as the mischievous Paraffin Pixies take up resident this winter.

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The Winter Realm of the Paraffin Pixies

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5:00pm ‐ 5:30pm
Almond Valley
Millfield, Livingston, EH54 7AR
Almond Valley Event by Almond Valley


At five o'clock, once all the usual visitors to Almond Valley have left for home, lights are switched on and the wonderous winter realm of the Paraffin Pixies beams into life. Strings of twinkling lights guide the way past the old watermill and across the river through a scintillating tunnel of light. The woods and fields of Charlesfield are picked out in thousands of tiny lights that encourage you to venture into magic places among the trees where paraffin lanterns hang from the high branches, and pixies are close at hand.

From the woodland trail you'll return past a field of scented flares to the orchard and the shelter of its giant barn. Beneath this cover you'll discover the world's largest paraffin heater which radiates brilliant sparks and tiny spots of light in every direction. Take control of its dancing beams and put on a show, or project giant pixie shadows onto the walls. The air is rich with the scent of winter spices and the sweet tasty treats from the food stall, while sticky marshmallows are toasted over open flames.

At the centre of the pixies' realm lies the Paraffin Works; a unique multi-level play space sheltered beneath a giant umbrella. After dark, the light and sound is blended into a breathtaking experience that will immerse and amaze. Climb, explore and slide through refinery pipes if you wish, or just relax and let the magic erupt around you.

The animals of Mill Farm will be snug in their byres throughout each evening, so parts of the site will be closed off. Of course the tearoom and its soft play area will be open and welcoming; offering homemade soup, a range of warm supper dishes, big mugs of hot chocolate, and lots of festive cheer.


Almond Valley , Millfield, Livingston, EH54 7AR

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