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Scanning App

Are you ready to start scanning tickets for your event? Our app is simple and easy to use.

Download now today for free, available on the Apple App store or Google Play store.

Logging in

Login with your Citizen Ticket account, and swap to the My Events screen by tapping the Citizen Ticket logo.

You can also add extra users to your scanning app via the Event Admins section of your event dashboard.

Tickets & Ticket Types

When looking at your Event, the numbers next to guest list indicate the amount of tickets scanned vs the amount remaining.

If your event has a number of different ticket types it's important to consider which tickets the scanner should be scanning. For example you may want to set up a scanner that only scans Car Park tickets. Tap Tickets Setup to do this.

If your scanning location has spotty reception or no wifi, it's worth downloading the tickets where you do have reception first.

Using the Camera Scanner

Enter into the Camera mode by tapping the Scan Tickets button. You may have to enable permissions for the app to access your camera.

Simply point the camera at the ticket QR code until it's registered on screen.

Your guest's QR code holds all of their tickets within one code. So, if they have three tickets (for example they have 2 friends with them) - scan the code three times to validate. You can also switch to Admit Party mode to scan them all at once, saving time.

If you want to check what you just scanned, tap the Last Scanned option on the scanner.

Using the Guest List

Use the guest list in conjunction with the camera, or on it's own.

When you tap into the guest list, you'll see a list of people. To find your guest, you might find it easiest to search for them using the bar at the top.

Tap on the guest's name to see what tickets they have. Use the Admit Guest button to validate one of the tickets, or use the Admit Party to validate all of the tickets.