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Citizen Ticket proudly deploys BitTicket

Citizen Ticket has been fighting ticket fraud, bots and counterfeiting since 2015. In May 2017, we deployed BitTicket and delivered the first live event on the blockchain.

Since then we have been providing blockchain ticketing solutions for hundreds of events, with a system that doesn’t require any knowledge of blockchain and without the need to think about cryptocurrencies.

BitTicket is a ticket delivery service that ticketing providers, event organisers, venues, artists and individuals can use to secure their tickets with blockchain technology.

What does this mean for our customers?

  • A guarantee that your purchased ticket is genuine
  • Inherent protection against industrial scale ticket touts and ticket purchasing bots
  • Transfer your tickets securely and with ease between friends & family
  • Provides one wallet for all your tickets - no more individual tickets

What does this mean for our event organisers?

  • Track every ticket from sale to entry, including aftermarket ticket transfers
  • Communicate with your event attendees instead of the ticket purchasers
  • Take control over who can sell your tickets and attend your events using our Smart Contracts

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By the way…

We want to see this level of transparency, fairness and security implemented by all ticketing providers for all tickets. If you want to have a chat about how to implement BitTicket for your platform, email us at

BitTicket® is a registered trademark of Citizen Ticket Ltd. The BitTicket contract is Copyright © Citizen Ticket Ltd 2016 - present.
BitTicket is powered by the BitTicket blockchain. Beta version may not have all features listed, guarantees are limited. v2.0 beta